Dear Customer,

Due to the rising costs of administering small orders, we are instituting a policy for minimum orders of $100, in our efforts to keep costs to as low as possible and offer the best wholesale pricing in the industry.

For orders less than $100, a small order administration fee of $20 will apply. This policy will be effective February 3rd, 2014. We truly regret any inconvenience that this might cause.

Kind Regards,

Alex B. Thomas

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Melt & Pour Soap Bases

New Directions Aromatics is the only place to get your premium Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases! Perfect for beginners! Melt the soap & add your favorite soap additives, botanical extracts, color, essential oils or fragrance!

White Melt & Pour Soap Base
Our Melt and Pour White Soap Base is the same formula as the clear soap base. It is odor free and is cream to white in color. This Glycerin Soap base is ALL VEGETABLE OIL and contains no alcohol or harmful products to dry your skin!
Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
Our Melt & Pour Clear Soap Base sets a new standard for "standard" glycerin soap base. It is crystal clear with no odor and is made from ALL VEGETABLE OIL!
Foaming Bath Butter
Foaming Bath Butter
This base provides an entire world of possibilities: whipped into a parfait, colored and layered, as a shaving butter, as a sugar or salt scrub! Easily add essential or fragrant oils, butters, other cream and lotion bases, with this product you are limited only by your imagination!
Liquid Organic Soap Base
Liquid Organic
One of our hottest sellers! This natural liquid soap base simply requires the addition of fragrance, color or your favorite essential oils!
Goats Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base
Goat's Milk
Melt and Pour Goat's Milk soap base contains vitamin rich goat's milk which provides extra moisturizing benefits for your skin!
Olive Melt & Pour Soap Base
Our Melt and Pour Olive base is a glycerin soap base that is transparent with a slightly green hint of color. This base contains olive oil which acts as a great moisturizer for the skin.
Shea Butter Melt & Pour Soap Base
Shea Butter
Stephenson Shea Melt & Pour Base is free of all surfactants and propylene glycol. It contains shea butter, and is smooth, creamy, and rich with natural emollient properties.
Crystal Vanilla Stable Melt & Pour Soap Base
Vanilla Stable
Our Vanilla Stable Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap base is uniquely formulated not to change color over time when Vanilla Fragrances (and those fragrances containing Vanillin) are used.
Organic Melt & Pour Soap Base
Our Melt and Pour Organic Soap Base is free from any foam boosters and preservatives. Made from 100% Certified Organic Vegetable Oils, this base contains no alcohol or harmful products to dry your skin!
SLS Free Melt & Pour Soap Base
SLS Free
Stephenson's Melt and Pour SLS Free Soap Base is free from foam boosters such as SLS and SLES, and although this base is slightly cloudier than the standard base, it is still still odor-free and won't turn yellow during processing.
Suspending Melt & Pour Soap Base
Our Melt and Pour Suspending Soap Base is specially designed to 'suspend' additives such as jojoba beads or loofah. It can be used to create a decorative soap bar (e.g. such as by adding fine glitter) or a functional exfoliating bar. Creative possibilities are endless!