Dear Customer,

Due to the rising costs of administering small orders, we are instituting a policy for minimum orders of $100, in our efforts to keep costs to as low as possible and offer the best wholesale pricing in the industry.

For orders less than $100, a small order administration fee of $20 will apply. This policy will be effective February 3rd, 2014. We truly regret any inconvenience that this might cause.

Kind Regards,

Alex B. Thomas

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Candle Containers

Because softer wax is used for container candles, they are a natural choice for many scented candle makers. Less fragrance is needed to provide the same amount of bouquet, saving money and decreasing the possibility of problems that can arise by using too much fragrance in your mixture.

Just as a proper wax and wick combination is needed to get the right performance of a candle, the container is equally important in terms of the look and feel of a candle. Not only does the container need to be stylish, it has to be of good quality to withstand the heat generated in order to avoid cracking or providing protection during travel.

Our containers are all American made by companies with many years of experience turning out high quality products so you can be assured that they’ll meet your standards and impress your customers.

Candle Bowl Glass Container
Candle Bowl
Cube Glass Candle Container
Frosted Tumbler Glass Candle Container
Frosted Tumbler
Deep Metal Tins for Candles
Deep Metal Tins
Flat Metal Tin for Candles
Flat Metal Tins
Interlude Glass Candle Container
Quartet Rocks Candle Container
Quartet Rocks
Square Prism Glass Candle Container
Square Prism
Status Glass Candle Container
Tealight Candle Container
Cylinder Glass Candle Container
Adorn Hurricane Candle Container
Adorn Hurricane
Classic Storage Jar Candle Container
Classic Storage Jar
Cylinder Jar Candle Container
Cylinder Jar
Embassy Rocks Candle Container
Embassy Rocks
Endessa Rocks Candle Container
Endessa Rocks