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Dragons Blood Fragrant Oil

Average Product Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Based on 27 Customer Reviews)

A mysterious, sweet, earthy aroma. Notes of amber, patchouli, rose and sandalwood blends with nuances of jasmine and citrus to bring out subtle spice undertones. Base notes of vanilla and powder completes this scent.

Common Uses:
Candles / Incense
Skin and Hair Care

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Submited By: Rita from Hayward, Wisconsin on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

Daring! This oil has an exotic, magical, mystical energy about it. I mix several drops with vanilla shea butter, rub it on my feet before I go out and I not only feel energized, but people seem to be more attracted in their conversations, and 9 out of 10 times make comments about how I smell. I've even had people walk up and smell me. Not exactly the goal, but I love the energy! :) It has a soft, sweet, light, heavy scent of roses and amber - as best as I can describe.
Submited By: Kevin from Athens, Georgia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

Sold well in a small test batch. Have had customers ask for it. Discolors VERY dark brown in CP soap, I might with-hold fragrance from a small portion of batch next time to attempt swirls, don't know if it will bleed yet. Love the interesting fragrance.
Submited By: Bonnie from Spokane, Washington on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

This is a great seller! It's unisex and very earthy, smells just like the dragons blood incense and it works wonderfully in cold processed soap, it's been a big hit!
Submited By: Cindy from Vesper, Wisconsin on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

It is such a sensual scent. It is a big hit with men and women. It does turn a dark chocolate brown in GM CP but doesn't cause any other problems. A VERY pretty bar. I use 1 oz. per lb of oil in all of my shampoo bars. People like the way it stays with their hair.
Submited By: Jenni from Wheeling, Illinois on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

I love this scent! I never smelled it before a fellow lotion-making friend introduced me to it a few weeks ago. It blends so nicely with sensual amber and other spicy oils.
Submited By: Laura from Franklin, North Carolina on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

Love this scent!! Reminds me of Venice Beach, CA. UNISEX for sure. Turns my soap a cappuccino color, perfect for this scent. Very HIPPY, smoke shop scent. Carries well in my hemp lotion.
Submited By: Nick from Studio City, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2012
Rating: Star

My first impression of this FO was a little mixed, but it grew on me very quickly. It is a strong, unique, oriental and "new age" sort of scent. My simplest summation of it is "incense with cinnamon on top" but it is actually more complex, with some fruity sweetness, warm musk, and ...parchment, I guess. It is cool, heavy, and dark, but in a magical, celebratory way. very yin. I'd say this is on the feminine side of gender-neutral, but very close to unisex. it is more "feminine" than "masculine" but I do not think it smells girly or femme.
Submited By: Julie from St. Louis, Missouri on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

This scent is amazing! It could be used for men or women. Reminds me of a hippy drizzled with sweetness. It is very strong and the scent sticks with CP soap well. This scent will discolor CP soap to a dark brown. After a few weeks of curing I have black spots in my CP soap. It looks kinda cool. I used 1oz/ 1lb but next time I will probably use half that amount. I did not have a problem with the scent seizing up my CP soap but I did add a couple extra oz of water just in case, after reading a review that claimed it seized CP soap.
Submited By: Holly from Glendale, Arizona on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

Sweet, musky, and earthy. I love this scent in my MP soap, but I can't wait to use it in candles or a diffuser.
Submited By: Lisa from Pellston, Michigan on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

All I have to say is OMG!! Dragon's blood is not only a favorite for me, but a huge favorite for everyone who stops by my table at any given craft show. It is such a rich, bold fragrance loved by both men and women. I use it in MP, HP, & CP soap, soy candles and lotion, I always sell out.
Submited By: Clara from Columbia, Maryland on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

Very strong and musky scent.....with hints of fruit too. It keeps very well in melt and pour soaps. Also used in soy candles and the scent is warm, exotic, and very unique......
Submited By: Teresa from Russellville, Arkansas on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

This scent is more female than male. i wanted it for a male soap but my guy dislike it for the scent, was too girly he said. It will work for younger kids. Right now I'm using it with another scent to get it to be stronger. it will discolor the Mp and soap makes the colors become darker. Yet the scent holds well as the bar melts down.
Submited By: Lauretta from San Diego, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

This scent is very feminine but also strong. It's an oriental style that holds up very well in products. I find that it actually smells much better in lotion than it does on its own, and it leaves behind a heavenly smell on my bathrobe!
Submited By: Tdawn from Berea, Kentucky on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

Very sensual scent, one of my favorites from my past order. Dont judge this one by sniffing straight from the bottle! This is a very strong product undiluted, and is more pleasing when diluted down, but a wonderful scent.
Submited By: David from Plaistow, New Hampshire on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

Very different and very pleasing. It's an Old World type of scent that has a mysterious aspect to it. Good for unisex applications.
Submited By: Anthony from Sparta, Tennessee on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

This is a truly unique scent which i enjoyed immensely. A little of this stuff goes a long way. A definite must if you're looking for something exotic and unusual.
Submited By: Doreen from Thessalon, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

Absolutely love this in cp soap and soy candles!! It turned the soy candle a soft yellow and the scent has an excellent it!!!
Submited By: Kat from Brooklyn, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

We have tried everything to sweeten the air in our animal-friendly home - with little success - until we started burning Dragon's Blood in our aromatherapy pots. It is brilliant - delicious, powerful and exotic!
Submited By: Ruth from Wildorado, Texas on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

interesting lovely especially when blended with other oils
Submited By: Chris from Leduc, Alberta on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

Just soaped a new batch with Dragons Blood. I love this smell and it is holding up well in cp soap. It is hard to pinpoint the exact notes in this scent and that is part of the appeal. This just could be my new favorite fragrance.
Submited By: Ilkia from Akron, Ohio on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

I ordered this oil and I was really excited about the reviews of it. I had never smelled dragons blood before so I was going to give it a try. However when I smelled the bottle it was a very strong scent and I did not like it. I will try it in a small batch of MP and see if I change my mind. Maybe the scent will grow on me when it is not so strong from the bottle.
Submited By: Marith from Berea, West Virginia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

A gorgeous, earthy-sweet scent that pleases the hip and the hippie crowds, allike. Well done, NDA!
Submited By: Terri from Atlanta, Georgia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

This one is a winner! I didn't know what to expect, but the description actually covers it pretty well. I actually smell a hint of anise and mint, too. It has been the favorite so far, for men and women alike.
Submited By: Samatha from Lompoc, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

This is one fragrance that I keep on the shelves. Makes an excellent soap and a fragrance that is just lovable!
Submited By: Karina from Richmond Hill, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

Very deep, and earthy scent that's not overpowering. I love that it discolors soap to a rich rusty brown--which is perfect considering the name of the fragrance. I've never used dragons blood before, so I was quite pleased when I received this.
Submited By: Kelli Lynn from Moncton, New Brunswick on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

Fabulous Dragonsblood fragrance. Discolours to quite dark brown in CP soap. Accelerates trace as well. But it smells so fabulous it's worth the extra bit of work to get it in the moulds quickly.
Submited By: Ronni from Farmerville, Louisiana on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

This stuff smells soooo good! I have made everything out of this fragrance. I will definately buy this product again and again. It is well worth the money.