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Vetiver Essential Oil

Average Product Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Based on 46 Customer Reviews)

Botanical Name: Vetiveria Zizanoides

Plant Part: Root

Origin: Indonesia

Processing Method: Steam distilled

Description / Color / Consistency: A thick and viscous, brown to reddish brown liquid.

Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A base note with a strong aroma, has an earthy, woody scent characteristic of oils derived from roots, with a rich note that is popular in products designed for men.

Blends With: Cedarwood, Chamomile, Frankincense, Ginger, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Vanilla, and Ylang-ylang.

Product Abstract: Vetiver Essential Oil is distilled from the roots of a grass used in India and Sri Lanka for the creation of woven matting. It is used in and aromatherapy and massage therapy, in skin-care products, and as a base note in perfumery. The word vetiver comes from the Tamil word that means 'hatcheted up', a description of the way in which the roots are collected.

Note: This oil can be very thick. If so, we would recommend placing the bottle in a very hot water bath, and changing the water frequently until it is back to its liquid state, then gently agitating it before use.

Cautions: Dilute before use; May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

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Submited By: Michael from Los Angeles, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2015
Rating: Star

Vetiver Grass is probably my favorite scent in the world so I'm a bit bias, but ND delivers again on purity of product. An extremely earthy aroma that is like a more masculine patchouli. It is also a bit more more subtle than other base notes. It is a very strong odor on its own, but in the right blend makes an outstanding supporting player. I have not tried the Vetiver Organic ND offers, but the standard Vetiver is perfect for my needs at this price.
Submited By: Julie from Watertown, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

Wow is this powerful..really has a presence. Smooth, smoky..I love the relaxing oils, and this is no disappointment. Am looking forward to working with this.
Submited By: Coletta from Streetsboro, Ohio on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

I diffuse vetiver with frankincense and myrrh for aromatherapy to clear negative energy. Useful for deep meditation.
Submited By: Kristen N from Gardena, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

I took a risk and purchased this EO without ever having smelled it before and that was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! This EO is deeply earthy, complex with a smoky base and spicy middle notes. I love using this in combination with a rose oil to make perfume and hand balm with beeswax. Please consider dropping the price :)
Submited By: Christina from Gresham, Wisconsin on
Loyal Customer Since: 2014
Rating: Star

This is a favorite oil of mine, I love the smokiness to it and how long it lasts on my pulse points. I blend it with few drops of orange oil to lighten it a bit. Great rubbed on the feet before bed to help induce sleep. I diffuse this in a blend of Tangerine, Bergamot, Geranium, and Citronella.
Submited By: Laura from Batavia, Ohio on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

I am not sure why everyone seems to think that essential oils are all about the scent. The main purpose of purchasing an essential oil is therapeutic, otherwise buy the less expensive fragrance oils. Also it is far easier to blend fragrance oils than essential oils, some essential oils do not blend well together. Essential oils are from crops and will therefore vary from country to country and year to year just like a fine wine or any thing else from a crop. I love the smokey scent myself and prefer this vetiver to lavender any day. I find it much more relaxing and so does my daughter. As a matter of fact, I am ordering more of it today.
Submited By: Tiffany from Morrisville, Pennsylvania on
Loyal Customer Since: 2012
Rating: Star

this oil is the most masculine oil. It is smoky and rich and imparts a sense of security.
Submited By: Marie from Bronx, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

This oil smells incredible! I love lemon and this has a gorgeous lemon smell. This is my favorite ND oil so far.
Submited By: Susan from Whitby, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

Great for inducing deep sleep. I prefer Vetiver as a blending Essential Oil (EO) versus solo when in a carrier oil unless you really do love its characteristic strong smokey / earthy aroma. A little goes a long way. Great for grounding synergy blends. Adds a beautiful complexity to final product. Also, great in wrinkle -smoothing blends in products. Love it! Thank-you NDA for your amazing therapeutic grade EO's such as this amazing Vetiver. I am a Vetiver fan now. I bought this one on a whim because I needed a base note to add to my collection of EO's. Will repurchase!
Submited By: Jeremy from East Lansing, Michigan on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

This smelled awful to me, just like the Angelica Root EO. Sort of like a smoky plastic chinese toy. Have you ever bought a plastic product from China and it just reeked like I don't what? That is this EO.
Submited By: Kelly from North Babylon, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2012
Rating: Star

I just received vetiver oil not knowing how it smelled and I am pleasantly surprised. It's woodsy but alluring. It reminds me of woodland fairies when mixed with something floral.
Submited By: Flora from Miramichi, New Brunswick on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

This scent reminds me of Asian incense! though the scent is powerful, it really does have a calming affect too.
Submited By: Manon from Rawdon, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

The smells just grew on me after a few minutes. I find it very grounding, calming.
Submited By: Ashley from Madison, Wisconsin on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

Vetiver has a lovely smoky scent. I've tried it from a few suppliers and I like it here best—the scent seems richer and fuller.
Submited By: Matthew from Lexington, Kentucky on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

I tried this eo a few times. Vetiver does quite well as an eo to wear by placing a couple drops on an undershirt. I used it in a diffuser a couple of times, but only smelled a woody scent that wasn't appealing to me. I am waiting to see if it develops more subtlety over time.
Submited By: Lauretta from San Diego, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

When I initially smelled this oil, I was very disappointed, because, much like another reviewer, I found it to be way too pungent, and it overpowered other EOs when I added it to perfume mixtures. However, several months later, I LOVE it. I'm not sure if my tastes changed or if the oil changed (which does happen with some oils), but now it smells GREAT to me. It still smells smokey, woody, and is actually not particularly sweet. It's the deepest base note I own, and it's a great masculine scent. I still find that I need to dilute, though, it unless I'm adding it to a large mixture of other oils.
Submited By: Holly from Glendale, Arizona on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

After reading such rave reviews of this oil, I was very disappointed to find that this vetiver has a pungent, almost sour smoky smell. It reminds me of how one's clothing smells the next day after being around a campfire all night. I can't smell any of the lovely nuanced, earthy aromas that the other reviewers did. I have no idea what to do with it! However, I must add that I am inexperienced with mixing scents, have never smelled vetiver before, and have never, ever been disappointed with any other NDA product.
Submited By: Diane from Toronto, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

I love this vetiver. It is truly deeply relaxing. I diffuse it and it is lovely! If you are new to vetiver, give it a chance. It's earthy green fragrance may be a bit off-putting at first but there is a reason it is so loved by perfumers and aromatherapists alike NDA brings us such quality at unbeatable prices!
Submited By: Henry from Chattanooga, Tennessee on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

The bottle indicates India as the source of this vetiver. I haven't had this from India before and it does smell a bit different from the Indonesian vetiver I'm used to. The first impression is of a surprising, smoky element to the aroma, like birch tar. This is a light to mid-weight oil with a very light brown color. It's hard to describe the rest of its floral, yet earthy appeal, other than to say it smells like vetiver, but it is really good and I'd hate to run out any time soon.
Submited By: Kathy from Haliburton, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

This is a scent that I love. I agree with other commenters that people either love or hate it. I add just a drop in combination with Sweet Orange oil, in a cream and the result is much more full, balanced and complex than using the Sweet Orange on it's own.
Submited By: Candice from Ocala, Florida on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

Submited By: Rinako from Seattle, Washington on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

My favorite base note essential oil. Though vertiver by itself smells like fresh moss to me, which I don't find pleasant, it gets converted to a deep, *elegant* aroma when blended. No wonder it's one of ingredients for Chanel perfumes and many others.
Submited By: Angela from Kirkland, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

NDA vetiver is the most balancing and grounding I have tried to date and I have tried several. I use it as a fixative in my only takes a drop ...oh but what a difference it makes. It creates truly harmonious blends. I diffuse it at the end of the day and it helps my whole family relax and regain a peaceful dispositon. I find it brings a joyous calm and centering to us all. I use it in my creams, lotions, serums etc. A little goes a long way so it never overpowers if used in proper proportions. Finally when feeling out of sorts and stressed it is always vetiver I reach for . A couple of sniffs seems to calm the mind and spirit. Isn't nature beautiful?
Submited By: Stacey from Toronto, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

Vetiver is a excellent, wrinkle-calming ingredient for eye-creams. Very powerful, only a very minute amount is needed.
Submited By: Sarah from Hailey, Idaho on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

Thick & rich. A little goes a long way. Great in room spray & linen spray. Adds a nice depth. It smells really strong in the bottle, but mixes and mellows nicly.
Submited By: Shannon from Schenectady, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

Thick, sensual, woodsy. Lasts great in cp soap and a must have in any eo collection.
Submited By: Cheri from Sacramento, California on
Loyal Customer Since:
Rating: Star

I've trained in Canada and United States as a registered aromatherapist and have spent over 20 years in the fragrant oils. Vetiver has always been my staple. I have to admit that I always used it well before it had time to age like a fine wine. I finally bought some quantity here at ND in '07 and it has become like cognac. It really behooves you to buy as much as you can and let it mellow. It is exquisite!
Submited By: Kay from Vancouver, British Columbia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

I love this eo, never used vetiver before until now. its so deep and yummy. i dont usually gaga over scents but i cant stop myself from sniffing a soap made with a vetiver blend.
Submited By: Joan from Berryville, Virginia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

I love the smell of vetiver, but think it's more appealing during cold weather, because it's so heavy. I started wearing it as a single fragrance... until my next-door neighbor told me I smelled like burning peat moss. Well, I guess I like the smell of burning peat moss. = /
Submited By: Chloe from Waterloo, Iowa on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

Really strong earthy scent. It smells alot like the fresh herb which is really pungent. I like it, well I will like it in small amounts.
Submited By: Lucie from Calgary, Alberta on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

I have no previous experience with vetiver, and frankly I find the smell overpowering, and I'm not sure I like it ... however, i can imagine this as a good base for masculine perfumes, and some unisex woodsy smells.
Submited By: Karen from Eugene, Oregon on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

a deep, earthy fragrance! i tend to gravitate toward the earthy fragrances, like this and sandalwood, spikenard, and frankincense.
Submited By: Louise from Montreal, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

I could not make my soap collections without using vetiver. It mixes very well with fir tree, pine etc. Its earthy (or moss) smell is loved or hated. Some vetiver smell is more earthy, some has a smokey smell (Java). Here, at New Directions, the vetiver I found is more earthy : the kind I prefer.
Submited By: Karina from Richmond Hill, New York on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

Wonderful FO---never smelt it before--will be interesting to see how it blends with other FOs and EOs as suggested by other reviewers below. On it's own, it's a rather strong "campfire" scent.
Submited By: Karen from Spring Hill, Florida on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

I love this oil as an anchor for many blends. The sweet, smoky scent is balancing and relaxing. Great blended with Grapefruit for an oily skin blend and gives a nice depth to Lavender blends.
Submited By: Heather from Ottawa, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

vetiver remains one of my favourite essential oils to promote sleep. It is a bit overpowering for some clients, but blended with lavender, can be a beautiful experience!
Submited By: Sheila from Granville, Tennessee on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

As others have described, it is a deeply earthy scent & appealing as such. But I'm looking forward to its' impact on my son's ADHD tendencies. He's a teen who loves to smell good & this vetiver blended with frankincense, peru balsam, 10 fold vanilla & a touch of 10% jasmine grandiflora in an sandalwood floral water/alcohol solution made an awesome "cologne" that he loves & doesn't even mind that it's 'therapeutic'! Thanks for your amazing products & great prices.
Submited By: Heidi from Grand Junction, Colorado on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

This oil pours the foundation for a heady, sensual blend from the earth. I've used in soaps and fragrance oil that never fails to remind me of crushed leaves in mud with a gentle little flower on top. Puts one's mind to warm autumn evenings..... my favorite 'base note' oil so far
Submited By: Robert from Manassas, Virginia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

Initially this smells rather strong but it deepens into a smoky sweetness that I enjoy.
Submited By: Philicia from Sacramento, California on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

This oil is not what I expected, but I like it. I'm interested to see what I can do with it. It does have a very earthy scent. It also has a rather smoky scent that reminds me of the bonfires I would have growing up in the country.
Submited By: Monica from Bolton, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

I've just recently purchased this oil for the first time... I can no longer live without this oil, now that I've experienced it - it's that wonderful! My favourite blend, is to combine it with Sandalwood, Neroli and Jasmine - it's intoxicating!
Submited By: Yvonne from Brampton, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

One of my new favourites! Love the earthy smell and blends well with other scents I like.
Submited By: Stephanie from Burlington, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

AWESOME!! A little goes a long way, but it adds a beautiful 'ground' to any blend. (especially useful for meditiation) Very misunderstood oil.
Submited By: Joely from Topeka, Kansas on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

I am taking this straight to my incense making table! I am pretty floored by this one! Earthy but not overbearing at all - in the same type of class as patchouli, sandlewood and frankensence but again very light!
Submited By: Rachel from Roach, Missouri on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

Nice EO with a calm earthy scent. It is great for relaxing.
Submited By: Candice from Sarasota, Florida on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

I think one of the most under-rated essential oils out there, this beautifully grounding and earthy scent is perfect base/balance for so many blends/snergies and a definite must have for any aromatherapist. This one is perfect!