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"Wen" - type shampoo How can I make my own?
2010-03-08, 11:16 AM
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Does anyone know how to make a &quot;Wen&quot; type of shampoo. There's a copy cat

product sold at &quot;Sally's Beauty Supply&quot; in the states called &quot;Hair One&quot; which is supposed to be as close as possible to &quot;Wen&quot;. I bought &quot;Hair One&quot; to try it and it has been the biggest miracle to touch my scalp in decades.

There are no detergents in it.. no sodium laureths, or the like..... and it does not bubble up. I would like to make my own and don't know if anyone has a the olive oil recipe facsimile. Why buy it when we can make these wonders for ourselves... My was falling out, thin, thin , thin, dry, brittle..the worst.

It has made a complete turnaround when other shampoos even the health food store biotin shampoos have not. Has anyone already experimented down this alley?

Hope to hear some input.

thanks, Earthgirl</strong>
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2010-03-08, 11:34 AM
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Do you have an ingredients list?
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2010-03-08, 12:07 PM
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<strong> Yes, (my thanks for asking )

Ingredients list:

water, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol,amodimethicone, glycerin, olea europaea

(olive) fruit oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, anthemis nobilis flower extract, rosemarinus officinalis, persea gratissima (avacado) oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil), menthol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, panthenol, butylene glycol, behentrimonium methosulfate, (ah-ha! there it is), BHT,

guar hydroxypropytrimonium chloride, PEG-60 almond glycerides, polysorbate 60, stearamidoprpyl dimethylamine, citric acid, disodium EDTA, 1.2hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, fragrance (parfum).

Well there you have it.. I couldn't afford the high co$t of the &quot;Wen&quot; and wanted

so much to try it, so I used this alternative, (1/4 of the price) which does wonders, but whew!!

.....I never realized about all of these chemicals.... that can't be good.

Hoping to go a bit more natural with the same success. Let's make this work! I'm willing to learn, but need a guide. also.. incredible thanks for your kind concern.

In hope and awe,


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2010-03-08, 4:12 PM
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Earthgirl wrote:
Quote:[b] Yes, (my thanks for asking )

behentrimonium methosulfate, (ah-ha! there it is), BHT,

I'm not sure what the &quot;ah-ha&quot; comment is referring to... the behentrimonium methosulfate or the BHT? (or something else completely)

Either way, they're both rather benign. BTMS (which is behentrimonium methosulfate) is a great emulsifier. You have to have an emulsifier in a product like this, and this one helps with detangling. It's most often used in a conditioner though - than a shampoo.

BHT is an antioxidant

Yeah, it SOUNDS like a &quot;toxic chemical&quot; but it's not really. I lovingly use it in conditioners.

guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride - is a water soluble ingredient that's great for detangling as well. And it doesn't build up in the hair.

The only ingredient that MIGHT even come close to raising an eyebrow is the 'cone. All silicones are nonreactive, generally - they're thought of as stable molecules that aren't necessarily harmful in the environment. The only problem with them is that they are so stable they don't readily break down. They tend to bio-accumulate rather than bio-degrade. But this particular 'cone (amodimethicone) is one I'm not all that familar with. Though I do love dimethicone in certain products.

Sooooo, really - overall - it's a rather benign shampoo that could likely be replicated with a bit of work. You could take out ingredients that you might find offensive, (some you'd need to replace with a similar ingredient) but I don't see anything nasty that would keep me from using it.

The chemistry in making shampoos can be tricky. And purchasing the ingredients can be costly. But there's nothing really to be afraid of. Do lots of research. Learn about each ingredient. The chemistry. Why each is there (what it does) and jump on it.

In the short haul, there are loads of bio-friendly shampoos on the market that could easily fit whatever bill you'd like it to.

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2010-03-08, 4:36 PM
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Very nice of you.

The &quot;ah-ha&quot; was over the BTMS, which I was guessing was some form of

a sodium laureth, which I am trying to avoid, because of the fragility of my hair and scalp. I find it extremely hard to find shampoos that don't make my hair feel stripped, and then putting conditioner on after makes it unnaturally

poofy and waaaaay too soft.. I guess its easier to simply buy this shampoo than to make it, and I can shift my energies into making something else I've always wanted to try.. a smoothing velvety face cream.

Again, I am so wowed by the time you've shared to reply. You are a treasure.

Thank you again,

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2010-03-08, 8:21 PM
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I am really confused by the ingredients list. This really does look like a conditioner. I'm not doubting you, Earthgirl, just trying to wrap my head around the list.

This is the only ingredient that I don't know what it is: guar hydroxypropytrimonium chloride. Would that be the cleansing agent? It isn't even liquid soap or if it is, they left out the potassium hydroxide. Is anybody else as confused as I am? Or is it time for me to go to bed?

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2010-03-08, 8:47 PM
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Well, I've just discovered and can say that many curlies wash their hair with conditioner or what they call a &quot;no poo.&quot; This is one of those products.

I actually washed my hair with conditioner to see what it was all about and my hair looked sensational!
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2010-03-09, 6:45 AM
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Hi everyone,

All of your input so far explains why this non-bubbly shampoo works so well. Who hasn't dreamed of having thick, glistening hair like those Pantene commercials.. but, ugh! when you have hair that is the antithesis of beauty and you decide not to give up until you get it right... until you find that golden nugget... when you do you hold up the prize.

This &quot;Wen&quot; copy-cat called &quot;Hair One&quot; has captured my heart and my hopes were to replicate my own personal concoction simplifying the list maybe down to a manageable and affordable list of ingredients, thus my travels here to this site, and maybe to the checkout.

Not being all that familiar with these ingredients (other than knowing sodium laureth and anything similar is the bane of my scalp and hair), I've been trying to find a shampoo that gives me a TRUE natural youthful healthy hair feeling ~ like when I was a teen ( I'm in my 50's).

Using a conditioner after I shampoo always felt as though I just stripped my hair and then &quot;condition&quot; coated it to make behave...

So, the consensus is:

the list of ingredients sound more like a conditioner rather than a shampoo.

Okay. This is new to me. I will say this on behalf of the &quot;no-poo&quot; selection of ingredients [a recipe unlike the &quot;wheat protein&quot; advertised products and

a plethora of other conditioners and Frizzease, and glycerin products that

do not respond well to my neurotic mop] the product does what I have always wished a product to do. (Its been an excruciatingly long wait).

My point was not to promote a product to divert from making a purchase

from New Directions, but hoping to buy a facsimile of products here from New Directions to best replicate (with someone's help) what I had bought.

Instead you lovely people have shared genuine caring non-biased open honest and friendly answers. Big Grin so I'd say this was a success all around!

Thank you everyone of you, thank you.
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2010-03-09, 7:25 AM
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That all makes sense now. I have thin, straight hair that tends to get oily pretty quickly so this shampoo might not work well for my hair but my oldest DD would probably love it.

I think that you could replicate something very similar to this formula. I might have a go at it in a few days.

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2010-03-09, 10:57 AM
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The copy-cat &quot;Hair One&quot; come is 4 choices / for for different hair types.

I selected the one for fine,dry hair, but if you have oily hair.. there is one that would suit you as well.

Is it even possible the detergent in some shampoos might irritate the scalp and trigger the scalp (in some cases) to emit more oils as a defense mechanism.. to protect it, coat it naturally.

Sally's Beauty Supply has it online for you to decide if there is a right

mix that might suit you. There are five pages of raves from people who have tried the product. One person wrote she tried it and nothing seemed diffrent, but don't give up, after a few washings you can see and feel a noticable difference. I got lucky first time out of the gate!!

Good luck. (it ought to be fun to try)

Oh, BTW, it comes in a pump bottle like hand lotion and does indeed appear to look more like a cream rather than a colored dishwashing liquid.
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