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glass containers
2011-05-09, 8:28 PM
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I need to find,approx, 4"x4" glass containers
I've made soaps and lotions and now want to branch out to make soy candles-trying to get all my ducks in a row-
ND has a few I like but they're all 'out of stock'

I've already gotten

2" votives

3"x 3 1/4

both round plain,

I was hoping to find some slightly larger with a sleek shape (not a country look) about 4"X4"- with or without a lid

I've been on it for 3 days and can't find any (I also want to use paypal)

Another question.....since the containers I have don't have lids I thought I'd insert some kind of disc (pretty paper is fine) to keep them clean-I can't figure out where I can find circles in the sizes to fit my containers

Any suggestions are appreciated Big Grin
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2011-05-10, 2:20 PM
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For the containers, I'm sure you saw that we're expecting them by the end of this month. Otherwise, there are lots of other suppliers out there - depending if you are in the US or Canada.
For the circles, it might be easier to get some scrapbooking paper with a circle cutter and make them yourself? Just a thought! (from a scrapbooker...)
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2011-08-17, 8:16 AM
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You have shared a very nice information with all of us..

I also want to making candles and searching for glass containers..
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2011-08-17, 12:18 PM
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We just received some new ones too!
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2011-08-20, 8:12 AM
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Thank you for sharing the candle container tool..

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
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