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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Raw Materials sourced from around the globe.

Ylang Ylang Oil

June to August are the harvest months for Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata). The flowers are collected from tree branches; however, the poor weather conditions have caused harvesters to become hesitant to climb trees to retrieve the flowers. These unfavorable weather conditions are not expected to improve quickly in the next couple of months. Accordingly, the harvesting is predicted to be delayed. The harvest yield has seen an upward trend of 100% since the previous year. For 2018, the harvest is projected to increase by a minimum of 10% though this is likely to change according to market development. The demand has also seen an upward trend between 2016 and 2017 with an increase of more than 100% for the conventional product. Cananga prices remain high with little or no material available. In 2017, the European market was nearly saturated with intense competition on the Grade III variety and the conventional product dominating the market.

Citronella Oil

This year's Citronella yield is suffering due to wet conditions caused by excess rain and flooding. The unfavorable weather combined with a high domestic demand has led to less material being available domestically with even less available for export. During the harvest months of February to March, June to July, and October to November, a higher amount of oil can be distilled; however, a drought or a rainy season will result in an inability to harvest. There has been more of a local demand for Citronella Essential Oil from local manufacturers, who are buying monthly according to their requirements for balms, soaps, and disinfectants. Citronella Ceylon prices were high in the previous two years, but will decrease this year.

Patchouli Oil

In Indonesia, Patchouli is harvested all year round. Patchouli supplies from Sulawesi have started to decline quickly, and the next harvest period will see a smaller yield, as there has been a significant depletion of stocks due to a strong couple of months of sales. Accordingly, the local market has seen increased prices. After a long period during which the market was thought to have bottomed, the fact has now been confirmed. Patchouli supplies from Sumatra have been stable, although they are available in much smaller volumes than those from Sulawesi; however, a recent surge in market demand has led to an increase in prices. Now is an ideal time to invest in Patchouli stocks. In recent weeks, many large buyers have entered into the market, and most processors are having to buy fresh material at today's new price levels.

Vetiver Oil

The harvest months for Vetiver are between January and July. Farmers are not willing to cultivate this plant in due time and are considering the margin they will get end of the year. The harvest yield is continuously decreasing and making the raw material difficult to attain. A shortage has occurred with the quantity of Vetiver supplies. The material that does become available is often high in acid. There is currently an issue with distillers overheating the product in order to facilitate the distillation process, which causes the scent of the oil to have a strong burnt odor that takes a long time to correct and bring up to standard. The severe shortage in the materials combined with the high demand has caused prices to increase daily. Vetiver quality, supplies, and prices are not expected to improve in the short-term.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp is usually harvested between September and early October; however, this year's harvest commenced earlier than in previous years due to some field areas having drier conditions that caused crops to mature earlier than usual. The dryness of the Canadian prairies made harvesting easier and allowed for better-quality storage of harvested crops, thus the 2017 crop is of excellent quality. Although there were lower yields in areas that experienced excessive dryness, which limited the total production, the overall yield volume was average as expected. Domestic Hemp farms will be seeing lower prices as a result of off-shore Hemp production regions promising lower prices for their Hemp food ingredients. The demand for Hemp continues to grow due to its popularity as a nutritional food ingredient, and its long-term demand is projected to continue increasing.

Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals are harvested between the months of June and July. This year's growing conditions are favorable. The demand is for 35000 to 40000 tons per year. The harvest yield for Conventional India Peppermint in terms of oil produced was 400 tons in 2016 and 200 tons in 2017. Conventional Cornmint oil produced 30000 tons in 2016 and 28000 tons in 2017. Due to a crop shortage, prices are on the higher end.

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