• ALL ABOUT GREEN TEA EXTRACTALL ABOUT GREEN TEA EXTRACTKnown as “Liquid Jade,” Green Tea Extract is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea botanical and comes in several forms. Of all the types of tea derived from this plant, Green Tea is known to retain the most healthful properties.
  • ALL ABOUT OLIVE LEAF EXTRACTALL ABOUT OLIVE LEAF EXTRACTRecognized for its antioxidant property, Olive Leaf Botanical Extract is reputed to protect, repair, soothe, and detoxify the skin, hair, and body. Discover more about the benefits and effects of this stimulating and soothing powder extract!
  • ALL ABOUT SACHA INCHI BOTANICAL EXTRACTALL ABOUT SACHA INCHI BOTANICAL EXTRACTDerived from organic "Inca Peanuts," Sacha Inchi Organic Botanical Extract is a fine powder with gentle and protective qualities. Discover the various ways it can be used cosmetically and medicinally to soothe, stimulate, soften, and strengthen.
  • LIQUID BOTANICAL EXTRACTS: INNOVATE, ENRICH, AND BEAUTIFYLIQUID BOTANICAL EXTRACTS: INNOVATE, ENRICH, AND BEAUTIFYDiscover the history, uses, and benefits of Liquid Botanical Extracts in this helpful guide. Uniquely convenient for formulators, they can be added to formulations to add rich, earthy colors and beautifying properties for the skin, hair, and body.
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