• NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR WINTER SKIN CARENATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR WINTER SKIN CARECold temperatures of winter and harsh environmental elements can wreak havoc on the skin. Discover the best Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, and Raw Materials for dry winter skin, and ways to maintain beautiful and healthy-looking skin all winter long.
  • BEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR HEALTHY HAIRBEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR HEALTHY HAIRAs many companies shift their image and formulations to meet the demand for natural skin and hair care, it is important to know what the best natural ingredients for the hair are. Discover the best natural ingredients to achieve healthy hair and scalp!
  • THE BEST OILS FOR A BODY MASSAGETHE BEST OILS FOR A BODY MASSAGEBody massages offer numerous health and wellness benefits. Aromatherapy is usually incorporated into massages to enhance the experience. Learn about some of the best Essential Oils and Carrier Oils the enrich your massage therapy.
  • SKIN AND HAIR CARE FOR HARD WATER IMPACTSKIN AND HAIR CARE FOR HARD WATER IMPACTHard water can damage your skin and hair through prolonged exposure. Discover the best Carrier Oils, Botanicals, and Natural Ingredients that can help restore lost moisture, and return the skin and the hair to a supple, elastic, and glowing state.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR MEDITATIONESSENTIAL OILS FOR MEDITATIONEssential Oils, aromatic herbs, and incense play an intrinsic role in spiritual practices as they can promote relaxation and bring mental clarity. Discover the best Essential Oils and blends that will enhance your meditation practice.
  • PHOTOTOXICITY AND SAFETY USING ESSENTIAL OILSPHOTOTOXICITY AND SAFETY USING ESSENTIAL OILSCold-Pressed Citrus Oils contain constituents that can trigger a reaction in the skin when exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays. Discover Essential Oils that pose a risk of Phototoxicity and the safest ways to use them in the summertime.
  • OILS FOR HEALTHY AND STRONG NAILSOILS FOR HEALTHY AND STRONG NAILSSince nails reveal various aspects of our overall health, it is vital to take care of them. Discover the best essential oils and carrier oils that support healthy nails and recipes to improve the strength and shine of your nails.
  • NATURAL ALTERNATIVES FOR PETROLEUM JELLYNATURAL ALTERNATIVES FOR PETROLEUM JELLYDiscover the history of Petroleum Jelly, how it became a staple in households, the potential side effects, as well as natural alternatives that are gentle on the skin, the hair, and the environment.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR WOMENESSENTIAL OILS FOR WOMEN'S HEALTHAromatic oils have been used for centuries to treat women’s health concerns as well as to promote vitality. Discover the Essential Oils that can best support women’s wellness, and how to use them to achieve optimal health!
  • BLENDING AND DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILSBLENDING AND DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILSEssential oils make wonderful additions to massage blends and cosmetic formulations, but they must be handled with care to ensure safe and comfortable use. Learn about the importance of diluting essential oils and how to do it effectively.
  • DIY CHRISTMAS CANDLE GIFT IDEASDIY CHRISTMAS CANDLE GIFT IDEASThe holidays are the perfect time to light cozy and warm candles that are scented with the earthy, spicy, and sweet aromas of Christmas. Discover festive and aromatic candle recipes, as well as unique decorations that are sure to bedazzle any home.
  • DIY CHRISTMAS SOAP RECIPESDIY CHRISTMAS SOAP RECIPESHandmade soaps make a charming and thoughtful gift during the holidays. Create holiday-inspired soaps using Melt & Pour Soap Bases and additives like essential oils, colorants, herbs, and butter, and find creative ways to wrap your handmade gifts.
  • DIFFUSER BLENDS FOR THE HOLIDAYSDIFFUSER BLENDS FOR THE HOLIDAYSEssential Oil Diffuser Blends are a great way to enrich your senses, brighten your space, and comfort your spirit. Discover the best aromatic Essential Oils that resonate with the holidays and find ways to gift unique diffuser blends to loved ones.
  •  ENERGY BOOSTING ESSENTIAL OILS ENERGY BOOSTING ESSENTIAL OILSGive yourself a dose of natural energy that will keep your body and mind awake and alert throughout the day. Discover the best essential oils for overcoming fatigue, restoring energy, and how to use them to reap their benefits.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR COLD ESSENTIAL OILS FOR COLD Essential Oils have abundant healing properties and have been traditionally used to support immunity. Discover the most effective essential oils for cold and flu symptoms, and the ways in which they can be used to reap their benefits.
  • PERFUME SCENTS IN FAVORITE FRAGRANCESPERFUME SCENTS IN FAVORITE FRAGRANCESScent has a powerful way of pulling an outfit together and leaving an impression when we walk into any room. Discover the most common scents in perfumes and fragrances, and how to replicate your favorite scents to create your own unique signature scent.
  • HOW TO EXFOLIATE YOUR FACE AT HOMEHOW TO EXFOLIATE YOUR FACE AT HOMEExfoliation is a beneficial step in a skincare routine due to its ability to slough dead skin cells, supporting the natural turnover process. Discover the different types of exfoliators, and how to safely exfoliate your face at home.
  • HOW TO MAKE CANDLESHOW TO MAKE CANDLESCandles that are less harmful to health than those in stores can now be created for a fraction of retail prices!
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SKINESSENTIAL OILS FOR SKINEssential oils are cherished in both traditional and commercial skincare due to their diverse qualities and alluring natural scents. Discover the best essential oils suited for various skin types and needs in this all-inclusive guide!
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HAIRESSENTIAL OILS FOR HAIREssential oils are popular in both traditional and commercial hair care due to their nourishing properties and enticing natural scents. Discover how six popular essential oils can impact hair rejuvenation and health in different hair types. 
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SLEEPESSENTIAL OILS FOR SLEEPThe natural, lively aromas of essential oils have been used for centuries by herbalists and aromatherapists to encourage sleep in those who suffer from insomnia. Find out which essential oils are most effective at calming the mind for quality sleep!
  • MAKING ALL-NATURAL SHAMPOOSMAKING ALL-NATURAL SHAMPOOSMaking an effective all-natural shampoo requires careful consideration of raw materials and significant expertise in formulation. Discover how easy it is to create your own luxurious all-natural shampoos using our innovative Premium Shampoo Base!
  • EVERYTHING ABOUT COSMETIC GMPEVERYTHING ABOUT COSMETIC GMPNo matter how small your cosmetic business is, GMP helps establish good quality assurance practices that lead to better business and brand confidence. Discover the fundamental principles of GMP, the regulations surrounding it, and the role of ISO 22716.
  • DIY CREAMS & LOTIONSDIY CREAMS & LOTIONSTopical moisturizing can provide effective relief for dry skin on hands. Discover the causes behind dry hands, the top cosmetic ingredients that can soothe dry hands, and learn how to make your own DIY hand creams and hand lotions!
  • HAND HYGIENEHAND HYGIENEGood hand hygiene not only supports the health and wellbeing of everyone, it also works to prevent illnesses. Discover all you need to know about having safe, clean hands and how to choose the right products for your personal regimen.
  • TOP 10 BENEFITS OF NATURAL SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERSTOP 10 BENEFITS OF NATURAL SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERSWhat does it mean when shampoo and conditioner bases are “natural?” What are the main benefits of using natural shampoo and natural conditioner bases? Discover the answers to these and other FAQs!
  • TOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SPRING TO REFRESH, UPLIFT, & BOOST IMMUNITYTOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SPRING TO REFRESH, UPLIFT, & BOOST IMMUNITYRefresh the body and uplift the mind with NDA’s Top 10 Essential Oils for Spring. Discover ready-to-use products, DIY tips, and safe-use suggestions for oils and blends that address the effects of Spring allergies on physical and emotional wellness.
  • KID-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: ESSENTIAL OILS & CARRIER OILSKID-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: ESSENTIAL OILS & CARRIER OILSDiscover the top Essential Oils and Carrier Oils that are widely used in child skincare. Learn about their benefits, relative safeness for use on or around children, dilution rates, skin test, potential side effects, safety measures, storage, and more.
  • TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: MUST-HAVE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS FOR TRAVELTRAVEL ESSENTIALS: MUST-HAVE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS FOR TRAVELDiscover the calming, invigorating, grounding, and clarifying qualities of must-have “Travel Essential Oils,” and learn how they can be used in natural, travel-size recipes to address anxiety, motion sickness, jet lag, and various other travel stressors.
  • TOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR THE COLD WEATHERTOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR THE COLD WEATHEREase the body and uplift the mind with NDA’s most popular warming Essential Oils and Synergy Blends. Discover skincare tips, recipes, and ready-to-use products that address the effects of cold weather on physical and emotional wellness!
  • ENCHANTING ESSENTIAL OILS FOR VALENTINEENCHANTING ESSENTIAL OILS FOR VALENTINE'S DAYCreate ambiance, boost self-confidence, and revive the romance and affection with Essential Oils this Valentine’s Day. Discover the delicate, alluring, and exotic scents that can help you take passion, confidence, and stimulation to the next level…
  • NATURAL MOISTURIZERSNATURAL MOISTURIZERSAdding essential oils to DIY emollients contributes to psychological and physiological well-being.
  • GUIDE TO SOAP-MAKING GUIDE TO SOAP-MAKING Melt and Pour soap allows for countless variations of artistic effects that can be achieved with additives!
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