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  • CARRIER OILS: A DETAILED GUIDE TO TYPES, BENEFITS, USES AND MORE!CARRIER OILS: A DETAILED GUIDE TO TYPES, BENEFITS, USES AND MORE!What are Carrier Oils? Get to know more about how these Base Oils are a vital aspect of an aromatherapy massage and natural skin care and hair care cosmetics.
  • MCT OILMCT OILMCT Oil is a unique liquid oil composed of the highly stable and nourishing Caprylic and Capric Fatty Acids. Find out why this high-performing yet gentle emollient is so popular in skincare, cosmetics, and aromatherapy!
  • CAMELLIA SEED OILCAMELLIA SEED OILPressed from the seeds of the ornate Camellia oleifera tree, Camellia Oil has a centuries-old history in China for its skin-rejuvenating effects. Discover how it can be used to enrich and elevate cosmetics with its unique antiaging qualities!
  • PLUM OILPLUM OILPlum Kernel Carrier Oil is prized for its naturally pleasant almond-like scent even in its unrefined state. Discover the healthful and beautifying properties of this unique but versatile oil in aromatherapy, cosmetics, and your own beauty regimen.
  • TAMANU OILTAMANU OILTamanu Carrier Oil has come to earn a reputation for being potent enough to eliminate "virtually all" skin ailments. Discover how it can be applied cosmetically and medicinally to hydrate dryness, soothe abrasions, repair damage, and eliminate body odors.
  • SUNFLOWER OILSUNFLOWER OILSunflower Oil is reputed to balance skin tone, prevent blemishes, and promote the radiance and refinement of the complexion while taming frizz and addressing hair loss. Discover its versatile cosmetic uses and its various therapeutic applications!
  • BLACK CUMIN SEED OILBLACK CUMIN SEED OILReputed to have a virtually miraculous potency, Black Cumin Seed Oil has been used by countless societies throughout history for its brightening, clarifying, and uplifting qualities. Discover various applications that can strengthen the body and the mind!
  • MARULA OILMARULA OILMarula Oil is derived from "The Food of Kings" – the Marula nut – and is reputed to delay the appearance of signs of aging. Discover how Marula Carrier Oil can be used cosmetically and medicinally to protect, repair, smooth, and strengthen.
  • SAFFLOWER OILSAFFLOWER OILSafflower Carrier Oil is pressed from the seeds of the Safflower botanical, a relative of the Sunflower. Discover the various ways it can be used topically and medicinally to strengthen immunity, enhance circulation, and help eliminate bodily toxins.
  • EVENING PRIMROSE OILEVENING PRIMROSE OILReputed to enhance cerebral function, skin health, sensuality, and reproductive health, Evening Primrose Carrier Oil is ideal for both cosmetic and medicinal use. Discover various applications for promoting vigor and clarity in both body and mind.
  • HEMP OILHEMP OILFor millenia, Hemp and Hemp Oil have been used in many cultural and medicinal traditions to create clothing, paper products, and remedies as well as to heighten spiritual connectivity. Discover more uses, benefits, and properties of Hemp Seed Carrier Oil.
  • ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILSABOUT ESSENTIAL OILSLearn about the history of essential oils, what essential oils are composed of, how they are extracted, the different types of essential oils, and how they are valued.
  • CINNAMON BARK OILCINNAMON BARK OILSweet and spicy Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil benefits beauty blends and aromatherapy applications with its sensationally warm and soothing scent. Discover 12 ways to use this versatile oil in massage, baths, cosmetics, and perfumery.
  • CLOVE BUD OILCLOVE BUD OILClove Bud Essential Oil is a rich and spicy essence with a rich and spicy story spanning centuries of traditional use. Learn about the origins of this oil, discover its many benefits and experiment with an array of applications.
  • THYME OILTHYME OILThyme Oil remains one of the most valued oils used by aromatherapists and herbalists due to its reputed antiseptic qualities. Explore how this oil’s key constituents impart remarkable protective qualities that are used to enhance natural wellness.
  • LAVENDER 101LAVENDER 101Discover how you can find the perfect Lavender Essential Oil for your needs, whether you are an aromatherapist, formulator, or home user, and learn the key factors that give rise to the wonderful aromas and benefits of different Lavender Oils.
  • LAVANDIN OILLAVANDIN OILLavandin plants are a cross between two Lavender varieties: True Lavender and Spike Lavender. Its essential oil bears resemblance to Lavender but is more invigorating. Find out why this treasured oil is so popular in household and personal care products!
  • TURMERIC OILTURMERIC OILAs a powder spice, a ceremonial symbol of health, happiness, and purity, and an Essential Oil, Turmeric exhibits uplifting and supportive qualities. Experience its topical benefits with simple blends for aromatherapy, skincare, haircare, and massages.
  • BASIL SWEET OILBASIL SWEET OILWith a warm, sweet, vibrant scent, Basil Essential Oil is reputed to comfort and invigorate. Learn how to safely use this soothing oil in various therapeutic applications to enhance the mood, skin, hair, and general health of the body.
  • WINTERGREEN OILWINTERGREEN OILWith a sweet, minty, and stimulating aroma, Wintergreen Essential Oil is known for freshening indoor environments and for inspiring a greater sense of emotional balance. Discover the various other uses of this soothing and protective oil.
  • PINE OILPINE OILThough commonly converted to traditional "Christmas trees," Pine trees are also valuable for their aromatic, oil-rich needles. Discover how Pine Essential Oil supports immune function, soothes topical discomforts, and promotes a rejuvenated appearance.
  • ROSE GERANIUM OILROSE GERANIUM OILRose Geranium Essential Oil is derived from the botanical that is thought to be the most desirable of the "Scented Geraniums." Discover how this stimulating and restorative oil helps to promote comfort and balance both topically and internally.
  • THE BEAUTY OF BUTTERS: USES & BENEFITS FOR SKIN & HAIRTHE BEAUTY OF BUTTERS: USES & BENEFITS FOR SKIN & HAIRDiscover a range of nourishing, protective, and regenerative Butters that deliver profound moisture by penetrating the deeper layers of skin and hair. Learn how to determine their qualities as well as how to add them to natural product formulations.
  • COFFEE BUTTERCOFFEE BUTTERCoffee benefits for skin and hair are abundant in rich and creamy Coffee Butter. Discover the many applications of this versatile butter to lavish some luxury on your senses and indulge your cravings for comfort.
  • MORINGA BUTTERMORINGA BUTTERMoringa Butter naturally and gently cleanses, moisturizes, and conditions the skin and hair to nourish and protect against the harsh effects of the elements, pathogens, and pollution. Discover how Moringa Butter can revitalize all skin and hair types!
  • MANGO BUTTERMANGO BUTTERMango Butter is a rich emollient natural fat derived from the seed contained inside the pit of the Mangifera indica botanical’s fruit. Discover how this conditioner can soothe, nourish, and strengthen skin and hair to significantly enhance their health.
  • COCOA BUTTERCOCOA BUTTERCocoa Butter is a rich natural fat derived from the “Brown Gold” contained inside the pods of the Theobroma cacao botanical. Discover how this natural moisturizer can be applied to boost the strength and resilience of hair, skin, and immunity.
  • SHEA BUTTERSHEA BUTTERShea Butter is derived from the nuts of the Shea Tree’s fruits and is known for its hydrating and soothing properties. Discover the various ways it can be used to alleviate pain, diminish blemishes, and rejuvenate hair and skin.
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