• LAVENDER OIL RECIPESLAVENDER OIL RECIPESLearn to use Lavender Essential Oil in diffuser blends and massage blends that soothe & relax!
  • FRANKINCENSE OIL RECIPESFRANKINCENSE OIL RECIPESFind Frankincense Oil recipes that relieve stress, reduce inflammation, and rejuvenate the skin!
  • PEPPERMINT OIL RECIPESPEPPERMINT OIL RECIPESDiscover Peppermint Essential Oil recipes that reduce pain, stimulate, invigorate, and energize!
  • TEA TREE OIL RECIPESTEA TREE OIL RECIPESFind various ways of using Tea Tree Oil in diffuser blends, massage blends, and skin & hair care cosmetics.
  • OREGANO OIL RECIPESOREGANO OIL RECIPESDiscover Oregano Essential Oil recipes that boost immunity, invigorate body and mind, and soothe aches and pains!
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL RECIPESEUCALYPTUS OIL RECIPESDiscover Eucalyptus Oil recipes that purify, cleanse, clarify, and boost immunity!
  • ROSEMARY OIL RECIPESROSEMARY OIL RECIPESDiscover Rosemary Essential Oil recipes that promote mental clarity, support respiratory and immune function, and condition hair and skin for a rejuvenated look and feel.
  • LEMON OIL RECIPESLEMON OIL RECIPESDiscover Lemon Oil recipes that improve concentration, boost energy, and eliminate odors and bacteria.
  • DIY BLENDS FOR BUG PROTECTION & SUN CAREDIY BLENDS FOR BUG PROTECTION & SUN CAREDiscover recipes for natural suncare as well as the top restorative Essential Oils that can be incorporated into summer activities to repel insects, support immune function, and keep the body and mind feeling cleansed, comforted, clear, and energized!
  • DIY NATURAL DEODORANTS WITH ESSENTIAL OILSDIY NATURAL DEODORANTS WITH ESSENTIAL OILSDiscover how to smell good without the use of antiperspirants – learn about the “Armpit Detox,” try a simple recipe for an all-natural deodorant with anti-bacterial Essential Oils, and find out which natural products function as deodorants substitutes!
  • SUMMER RECIPES WITH SWEET ORANGE OILSUMMER RECIPES WITH SWEET ORANGE OILSweet Orange Oil can be used in countless versatile ways, including skincare, home care, stress relief, improving sleep, and more. Discover how you can benefit from this refreshing Essential Oil during summer with 16 easy DIY recipes!
  • HOW TO MAKE A LOVE POTIONHOW TO MAKE A LOVE POTIONThe spring season is ripe for romance with its brightly blossoming botanicals and revitalizing energy of renewal. Discover some of our favorite romantic essences to enhance the mood with a luxurious love potion.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS FOR SPRINGESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS FOR SPRINGThe Spring season is about fresh rainfall, the regrowth of the leaves, blooming flowers, and long sunny days. Discover 8 unique Essential Oil blends inspired by Spring, which harness the seasons’ most invigorating scents!
  • SPRING CLEAN YOUR HOME WITH ESSENTIAL OILSSPRING CLEAN YOUR HOME WITH ESSENTIAL OILSConventional cleaners may hold up against dirt and grime, but they contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health and the environment. Discover 12 DIY recipes that harness the disinfecting power of essential oils and common household ingredients.
  • GIFT IDEAS FOR MOTHERGIFT IDEAS FOR MOTHER'S DAY Instead of buying a generic present with excess packaging, harsh chemicals, and no personality, show the moms in your life how special they are with a handmade, luxurious personal care gift inspired by the power of Aromatherapy.
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