• MELT AND POUR SOAP BASESMELT AND POUR SOAP BASESMelt and Pour soap bases allow for a more user-friendly soap-making process. Learn about a variety of biodegradable bases and how each one can be used to achieve professional-quality soap bars with customized appearances, scents, and textures.
  • PILLAGERPILLAGER'S POTION SYNERGY BLENDA powerful synergy blend to purify the air and boost the body’s natural defenses, Pillager’s Potion has evolved into an amazing aromatherapy amalgam. Discover the many benefits of this cleansing and fortifying blend for both the mind and body.
  • CANDLE WAXESCANDLE WAXESThe soft, ambient glow of a quality candle can set a tranquil mood in any room. Discover NDA’s line of natural, eco-friendly Candle Wax and Wax Blends for all of your candle-crafting needs!
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