April 17, 2017


Pine Essential Oil 4 drops
Marjoram Essential Oil 4 drops
Melissa Essential Oil 4 drops
Cinnamon Essential Oil 1 drop
Carrier Oil of your choice 15 ml

  1. Mix the essential oils.
  2. Dilute by adding the carrier oil.
  3. Store in a dark, clean, glass container out of sunlight when not in use.
  • Pine Essential Oil: The refreshing aroma of this relaxing oil is known to calm the nerves by boosting positive emotions and enhancing alertness and concentration. Used in massage, it soothes muscles and joints, which promotes better sleep.

  • Marjoram Essential Oil: This sedative oil promotes a sense of relieve from nervous stress. By lowering blood pressure and easing the tension that comes with hyperactivity, loneliness and grief, it eliminates several factors attributed to causing insomnia.

  • Melissa Essential Oil: The sweet citrus scent of this oil provides a soothing feeling of relaxation, which aids in relieving anxiety. It leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and the mind feeling fresh.

  • Cinnamon Essential Oil: The warm, comforting aroma of this oil reduces the heavy feelings associated with negative emotions such as depression. It shows anti-inflammatory activities while helping to relax muscles and boost circulation.

  • Carrier Oil of your choice: Carrier oils help to dilute essential oils before topical application, as their potency can be harmful when used in high concentrations without dilution. Carrier oils also help essential oils remain on the skin longer without quickly evaporating.

IMPORTANT: All New Directions Aromatics (NDA) products are for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. Please refer to our policies for further details, and our disclaimer below.

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