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Sustainability is a priority at New Directions Aromatics. We constantly strive to choose renewable resources and alternatives, to increase our work with organizations that champion small farmers and local communities, and to encourage transparency within the supply chain to promote consumer awareness and engagement.


At NDA, sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by taking into consideration how we operate in the ecological, social, and economic environment. Sustainable development for us means adopting strategies and actions which fulfill the requirements of the company and its customers while protecting, upholding, and improving the human and natural resources, in value and quality for the future.


Sustainable practice and social responsibility are woven into the fabric of our founding principles. For more than 20 years now, NDA has taken the lead in sourcing environmentally responsible products. We source our products and ingredients from more than 50 countries around the world and remain deeply committed to ethical sourcing, fair-trade, renewable resources, and preservation of the environment. We work with local growers and small-scale farms, using our purchasing power to support sustainable growing practices and invest in the future of farming. NDA also collaborates closely with organizations around the world that are committed to promoting sustainability and fair-trade practices.


NDA's commitment to ethical and sustainable practice drives all that we do. We are a certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan facility and we maintain strong relationships with certification boards and regulatory organizations.

Our key sustainability values are:

  •   Minimizing the environmental impact of supply chains to reduce carbon footprints.
  •   Working with suppliers to establish ecologically and socially responsible best practices.
  •   Strengthening relationships between suppliers and local communities.
  •   Promoting education and awareness within the supply chain to champion fair trade and sustainability initiatives.

Our products reflect these values with a significant roster of ECOCERT verified and Certified Fair-Trade essential oils, carrier oils, extracts, mineral mud, body butters, and raw materials. We continue to grow this collection with the collaboration of our esteemed and valued partners.


NDA works with key sustainability-oriented partners who share our values and champion them across all levels of supply chains. We are proud to work in close alliance with these distinguished organizations and we continue to seek new partner organizations that strive to advance sustainability and fair trade on a global scale.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was established in 2004 with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products through global standards and multi -stakeholder governance. The RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) are a set of stringent standards for sustainable palm oil production, which RSPO members must comply with. In line with ISEAL Alliance best practices, the P&C are reviewed every five years and subsequently submitted for ratification by the General Assembly of RSPO.

Global Shea Alliance was founded to promote rural African women's empowerment, decent working conditions, development of local communities, and the protection of ecosystems by outlining best business practices for all stakeholders. GSA's core values are founded on promoting an inclusive value chain, fostering a pre-competitive and business driven industry by ensuring sustainability and maintaining confidentiality in all transactions with our stakeholders. The GSA sustainability guidelines were developed in consultation with women's groups, non-profits, U.S. and European food and cosmetic brands, and international oils and fats suppliers.

Save 10% Off With Code REVIVE2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders of $1000 or More.
Save 10% Off With Code REVIVE2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders of $1000 or More.
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Save 10% Off With Code REVIVE2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders of $1000 or More.

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