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Waxes are considered an important ingredient in the manufacturing of personal care and cosmetic products.  Although waxes are popular in candle making, they are also used to create emulsifying bases for the preparation of oil-and-water suspensions in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions. Our emulsifying waxes are vegetable-based waxes that bind oil and water together. Some act as complete emulsifiers, eliminating the need for the use of additional ingredients. Incomplete (or secondary) emulsifiers can increase the thickness and richness of a formula. Try some in your next formulation!

  • Beeswax Premium Canadian - UnrefinedPremium Canadian Beeswax
    Our 100% pure Premium Canadian Beeswax has a sweet natural fragrance and is used to produce a fragrant candle that burns longer and cleaner than ordinary paraffin candles. It is also popular in natural creams and ointments. Add this wax to your next formulation of candles, cosmetics, or soap.
  • Beeswax Beads (White) Cosmetic Grade Refined
    Beeswax Beads (White) Cosmetic Grade Refined

    Our superior cosmetic grade White Beeswax Beads are 100% natural and refined using natural methods. They are generally used in formulations of uncolored products, or to provide body to products while acting as a secondary emulsifier.


  • Beeswax Beads (Yellow) Cosmetic Grade Refined
    Beeswax Beads (Yellow) Cosmetic Grade Refined

    Our naturally aromatic cosmetic grade Yellow Beeswax Beads can be melted into skin-care products or candles. This wax is often used in lip balms to create a natural moisturizing barrier on the lips.

  • Polawax

    Polawax is an exceptional emulsifier that binds together all types of ingredients without separation or residue. It has a light scent of its own, but will not add any to your formula. It is excellent as the sole emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer in an emulsion.

  • Beeswax Block (White) Cosmetic Grade Refined
    Beeswax Block (White) Cosmetic Grade Refined

    Our White Beeswax Block is a high-quality wax that is filtered and all-natural. It is a soothing ingredient for your skin creams, and ideal as a barrier for which moisture retention is vital.

  • Beeswax Block (Yellow) Cosmetic Grade Refined
    Beeswax Block (Yellow) Cosmetic Grade Refined

    Our 100% natural Yellow Beeswax block has a natural scent, making it a fantastic addition to many products such as wax melts, soap, cosmetics, candles and potpourri.


  • Carnauba Wax Organic
    Carnauba Wax Organic

    Our Organic Carnauba Vegetable Wax is QAI Certified and is the hardest natural plant wax available. This wonderful ingredient is widely used in lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, deodorant, and other skin care preparations as a thickening agent.

  • Self Emulsifying Wax NEmulsifying Waxes
    These Emulsifying Waxes are used as a binding and thickening agents for the preparation of oil and water emulsions in formulations of creams, lotions, body butter, conditioners, face cleansers, and baby products.
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