Our clays are used in some of the most prestigious spas across North America. Loaded with nutrients and minerals, they are 100% pure and natural, and their properties are desired for rejuvenating treatments. Soap makers will find our clays perfect additions to their products when wishing to replace synthetic dyes with colors from nature.

  • Australian Clay Midnight Black
    Clay Midnight Black

    The Australian Midnight Black Clay is loaded with rich minerals that are reputed to refresh, energize and detoxify the skin making it healthier and softer. It is popularly used in the manufacturing of cosmetics such as mascaras and mineral make up powders. 

  • Australian Clay Olive Green
    Clay Olive Green

    Australian Clay Olive Green is reputed to be the strongest of all clays for detoxification and is beneficial for addressing various skin conditions. The minerals in this green clay draw out impurities and are commonly believed to help rebalance and strengthen the skin. 

  • Australian Clay Pastel Pink
    Clay Pastel Pink

    Our premium Australian Pastel Pink Clay is reputed to be perfect for detoxifying and balancing the skin. This delightful and gentle clay can be added to your face and body masks, mineral make up, bath powders and soap making products.


  • Australian Clay Reef Red
    Clay Reef Red

    The Australian Reef Red Clay has high content of iron and essential minerals that is reputed to help replenish your skin, creating a soft and healthy glow.  Due to its rich colour, this clay is can be used in organic hair coloring, soaps and bath salts. Try this clay to give your skin a stunning glow!


  • Rhassoul Clay

    The exceptional Rhassoul Clay is rich in silica, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The properties of this unique clay make it a fantastic addition to a variety of professional and personal applications such as soaps and hair and face masks.  Rhassoul Clay is reputed as an invaluable enhancement for spa treatments!

  • French Clay Green
    Clay Green

    The French Green Clay is reputed to be one of the most splendid, effective and commonly used mineral skin clays throughout the world. It is known to be preferred by health professionals and spas to sooth and rejuvenate the skin and, to remove impurities. This natural earthy clay is used in many soaps, cosmetics and skin care formulations.


  • French Clay Pink
    Clay Pink

    Our gentle French Pink Clay is reputed to be the mildest of all the clays. It has a unique composition that includes Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Montmorillonite and Calcite, and is widely used in the manufacturing of cosmetics. Try this variety of French Clay for an overall refreshed appearance!


  • French Clay Red
    Clay Red

    The French Red Clay is predominantly made up of Illite and gets its deep red-brown color from the presence of iron oxide that is known to soften, lighten and rejuvenate, revealing a beautifully refreshed and velvety skin.


  • French Clay Yellow
    Clay Yellow

    The French Yellow Clay is reputed to be a strong detoxifier that draws out impurities from the body. This clay contains essential minerals that are commonly believed to leave your skin soft, fresh and glowing. It is considered restorative for dehydrated, neglected and fatigued skin.


  • Kaolin Facial Scrub Superfine
    Kaolin Facial Scrub Superfine

    Kaolin is reputed to be the most versatile and light clay that has natural absorbency characteristics. It has been traditionally used in soothing, rejuvenating and toning various skin conditions. This clay is currently one of the major active ingredients in skin care and cosmetic preparations.


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