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Absolute Oils at Wholesale Prices from New Directions Aromatics

Absolute Oils are highly concentrated essences obtained from plant parts. They are much more difficult to extract and the method of extraction is very complicated. Used extensively in perfumery, the aroma obtained from an Absolute Oil is closer to the original plant product than the aroma from Essential Oils produced through distillation. Because the Absolute Oils are highly concentrated, very little goes a long way. Absolutes are also quite expensive to produce because the plant parts used for producing them usually contain very little oil. For example, it requires more than 30 roses to produce 1 drop of Rose Absolute Oil.

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  • Rose (Bulgaria)


    Historians credit Rose with being an aphrodisiac, formulators use it to enhance emollients in skin-care products, and aromatherapists use it to balance the emotions. Our sensual Rose Absolutes are truly classic.
  • Jasmine Grandiflorum


    Jasmine is exotic floral believed to have aphrodisiac properties, Jasmine has a sensual calming fragrance that enhances feelings of love and peacefulness.
  • Lotus - Pink


    The Lotus flower is often viewed as a symbol of awakening. Mysterious but innocently sweet as a fragrance, we offer two popular varieties of Lotus Absolute.
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Holiday Sale: Save 15% Off Sitewide! Use Code HOLIDAY2023
Holiday Sale: Save 15% Off Sitewide! Use Code HOLIDAY2023
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Holiday Sale: Save 15% Off Sitewide! Use Code HOLIDAY2023

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