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We carry a wide variety of cold-pressed vegetable oils, also known as 'carrier' oil or 'base' oils. Carefully selected and sourced from around the world, these Carrier Oils have extensive applications in aromatherapy where they are used to dilute Essential Oils for therapeutic purposes. Widely used for massage therapy as well as in the manufacturing of soaps and cosmetics, our Carrier Oils range from 100% natural to refined, bleached and deodorized varieties, to suit your various needs.

  • Almond Sweet - RefinedAlmond Sweet Carrier Oil
    Sweet Almond Carrier Oil is one of the most popular and gentlest carrier oils. It is an excellent emollient and deeply hydrating carrier oil which adds silky texture to any massage blend. This carrier oil is mild, yet rich in Vitamin D and is used to soften and smooth the most sensitive skin. Sweet Almond Oil has a very subtle aroma with hints of nuttiness.
  • GrapeseedGrapeseed Carrier Oil
    Grapeseed Carrier Oil is used as a base oil for many skin care formulations due to its skin toning and non-clogging characteristics. Massaging with Grapeseed Oil leaves little oily residue and creates a lovely smooth finish, and is a preferred carried oil by many massage therapists.
  • Coconut - RBD (76 Degree)Coconut Carrier Oil
    Coconut Carrier Oil is a very versatile oil which is able to form a barrier on the skin while quickly being absorbed. It is a preferred oil in high-quality cold-processed soap making because soaps tends to remain solid while retaining water, and their ability to lather is increased. Coconut Oil is generally solid at room temperature but we also offer Coconut Fractionated Carrier Oil, which is in liquid form.

  • Jojoba Clear DeodorizedJojoba Carrier Oil
    Jojoba Carrier Oil is a liquid wax that solidifies at cool temperatures, and is known to be similar to the sebum of human skin. Rich in Vitamin E, it promotes a radiant complexion. The Jojoba Clear is a refined oil that still retains its beneficial properties. It is good to use the Clear variety in manufacturing cosmetics as it has been put through a charcoal filter to remove its color and odor, whereas the Golden variety may alter fragrance and color in cosmetics.
  • Palm (RBD)Palm Carrier Oil
    Palm Carrier Oil is semi-solid at room temperature and is rich in palmitic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Magnesium. It consists of natural antioxidants and works well in cold-process soap making. Palm Carrier Oil has very little scent that is characteristic of many carrier oils.
  • Macadamia - RefinedMacadamia Carrier Oil
    Macadamia Nut Carrier Oil is rich in palmitoleic acid and promotes soft, youthful looking skin. It is a fabulous and safe oil with a high rate of absorption, with a rich silky feel, and a beautiful nutty aroma.

  • Meadowfoam Carrier Oil - RBD
    Carrier Oil - RBD

    Meadowfoam Carrier Oil is composed of approximately 95% fatty acids with chain lengths of 20 carbons or more. This oil is light-coloured with a slightly oily scent. It is prized for its phenomenal oxidative functionality and stability in a broad range of personal care and cosmetic formulations.


  • Camellia SeedCamellia Seed Carrier Oil
    Camellia Seed Oil is one of the best kept secrets in the cosmetic and hair care industry. Camellia is a wonderful, fine-textured carrier oil, which is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving a perfectly smooth finish. It is a rare oil similar in performance to Jojoba Carrier Oil. It has a very light, sweet and pleasant aroma, making it a good oil for aromatherapy.
  • Argan - VirginArgan Carrier Oil
    Referred to as "Liquid Gold" in the cosmetic industry, Argan Carrier Oil is considered one of the rarest oils in the world and is popular in skin and hair care products. This oil is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, carotenes and essential fatty acids. It is also used in high-end soap making.

  • Rosehip (Refined)Rosehip Carrier Oil
    Rosehip Carrier Oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, and is popular in serums for mature complexions. It is considered a drying oil, which means that it is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave an oily finish.
  • Evening Primrose (Unrefined)Evening Primrose Carrier Oil
    Evening Primrose Carrier Oil is rich in fatty acids and used in creams and lotions, and in the manufacturing of bath and body care products. These fatty acids are responsible for the popularity of its use in products for dry and mature skin. Small amounts of this oil are often added to other carrier oils to further enhance their beneficial effects.
  • Pomegranate Carrier Oil (Refined)
    Carrier Oil (Refined)

    Pomegranate Carrier Oil is a highly prized, luxurious, and relatively stable oil with the ability to deeply penetrate the skin. The exotic emollient properties of Pomegranate Oil makes it an indispensable ingredient in many skin care products.

  • Avocado Carrier Oil - Cosmetic Grade - Refined
    Carrier Oil - Cosmetic Grade - Refined

    Avocado Carrier Oil contains skin-nourishing Vitamins A and D and is notable for its range of unsaturated fatty and essential fatty acids, making it ideal for inclusion in hair care formulations. Due to its rich oily consistency, this oil is used at a very low ratio (highly diluted) in blends and formulations.

  • Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil
    Apricot Kernel
    Carrier Oil

    Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil is a very popular oil with cosmetic manufacturers, aromatherapists and massage therapists. It is well suited for skin care products as it is mild and readily absorbed into the skin. It is very rich in Vitamin A and nourishes the skin by keeping it hydrated.

  • Tamanu Carrier Oil - Virgin (Madagascar)
    Carrier Oil - Virgin (Madagascar)

    This highly exotic Tamanu Carrier Oil has its origin in Madagascar and has a rich, woody and spicy scent. It can be used in skin care products as it is composed of phospholipids and glycolipids which are natural constituents of healthy skin and are good water-binding agents. 



  • Hemp Seed (Unrefined)Hemp Seed Carrier Oil
    Hemp Seed Carrier Oil is an exceptionally rich oil, high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. This oil has a pleasant nutty aroma and a deep green color, and it is absorbed well by the skin. Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil has not been put through chemical processes or filters, so color and a characteristic scent may be expected.
  • Borage Carrier Oil
    Carrier Oil

    Borage Carrier Oil is reputed as one of the richest sources of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) – up to 25%. It is also an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. This carrier oil is known to be used in cosmetic manufacturing, aromatherapy applications, and also in massage therapy.

  • Carrot Carrier Oil (Macerated)
    Carrier Oil (Macerated)

    Carrot Seed Carrier Oil is considered one of the best oils for skin care to improve the texture of the skin. It is rich in beta carotene and other vitamins and minerals, and it is suitable for dry and mature skin.


  • Neem Carrier Oil
    Carrier Oil

    This oil has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine as an all-purpose remedy. It is rich in fatty acids and glycerides which give it its special properties. Blended with other carriers, it enhances the moisturizing capacities of skin-care formulations.


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