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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils and Carrier Oils sourced from around the globe.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

A perennial aromatic crop, Lemongrass is harvested every three months in India. While yield has been low for the winter crop, it may improve in the coming months. Production has increased by 10 – 20% in the past year due to growing demand for the oil. Demand for pure and natural oil remains high and the market is expected to be firm in the coming months.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Japanese) & Peppermint Essential Oil (Supreme)

Peppermint is harvested from the end of May to early July in India. Growing conditions for Peppermint Japanese (Mentha arvensis) were favorable in 2020 and the yield was comparable to 2019; however, the Peppermint Supreme (Mentha piperita) crop was poor this year and produced a low yield. Market conditions are presently favorable and demand for both varieties of oil remains strong, due to widespread use of mint as a preventative medication to help combat COVID-19.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil - ct Camphor (Spain)

The volume of all the essential oils originating from Spain, particularly Rosemary, has increased in the last few years. In the past, these products were used mainly for fragrances and flavors but now, due to their medicinal properties, they are seeing increased use in aromatherapy. As a result, demand is growing. Supply is expected to keep up with demand, as Rosemary is easily cultivated and can be distilled all year round. Optimal yields are produced from March through October.

Rosemary Essential Oil - ct Cineole (Morocco)

Harvest season for Moroccan Rosemary runs from June to September. Growing conditions have been normal although crop yield is projected to be down 10% from last year due to COVID-19 lockdown. Both the demand and market price for this oil are stable.

Rosemary Essential Oil - ct Cineole (Tunisia)

Tunisian Rosemary will be harvested at the end of March. The yield for 2021 is expected to be comparable to 2020 due to similar amounts of rainfall during the growing season. Demand for this oil increased in 2020 and is expected to hold steady in 2021.

Eucalyptus Globulus 80/85% Essential Oil

Harvest of Eucalyptus Globulus is underway from November to February and the yield up to this point has been around 10-20% lower than last year. Current market conditions are not good, and demand is experiencing a downturn; it is uncertain whether this trend will continue.

Rose Geranium Organic Essential Oil

Crops for Rose Geranium Essential Oil are generally available throughout the year and current growing conditions are favorable. So far, yields for 2021 have improved compared to 2019 and 2020. Market demand for this oil continues to increase and while its price remains higher than it was in 2018, it is slowly starting to stabilize.

Geranium Essential Oil (Egyptian)

Production capacity for this year's Geranium crop is comparable to 2020 and harvest yields for 2021 are projected to be between 250 and 300 tons. Geranium Oil is currently in demand and this is expected to increase in February and March; as a result, prices could potentially climb in April and May for the start of the new season.

Moringa Carrier Oil

Moringa has been gaining popularity as a superfood and its use is on the rise in dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal care products. This is expected to drive global market growth for Moringa products moving forward. Compared to last year's crop, the yield this year has held steady however demand has risen and COVID-19 lockdowns in many countries resulted in production being disrupted in 2020 with orders put on hold. Since January 2021, production has returned to normal, but demand has doubled. Prices may increase as the result of large multinational companies stockpiling Moringa products to ensure they can meet demands in the event of further lockdown situations.

Hemp Seed Carrier Oil

This year's Hemp harvest will take place between late August and mid-October. Dry conditions in summer and through the 2020 harvest season facilitated the production of very high-quality crops, although slightly lower than anticipated yields. In regions where crops were irrigated, both the yield and quality of the crops were high at harvest time, and the total 2020 harvest yield was higher than in 2019. Moving into 2021, demand for Hemp Seed Oil remains strong, however, production may be impacted by competitive trends in the marketplace. Prices for corn, soybeans and canola are the highest they have been in five years and Hemp will have to compete on returns per acre to provide growers with comparable profitability.

Sesame Carrier Oil

Sesame sowing is currently underway in India. Yield predictions will be possible after March and major crops will be available from April to July. Demand for Sesame Oil is good and market prices are expected to come down by April.

Sunflower Carrier Oil & Sunflower Organic Carrier Oil

Sunflower sowing in Spain will begin around March and the 2021 Sunflower harvest will take place from July to August in the south of the country and from September to October in the north. Demand for high oleic vs. linoleic Sunflower Oil fluctuates with the amount of each crop variety planted in a particular year. In 2020, high oleic crops outnumbered linoleic crops and as a result, the demand for linoleic Sunflower Oil was high, whereas in 2019 it was the reverse situation. Details regarding the amount of high oleic vs. linoleic crops sown this year are anticipated in the next month. Demand for organic Sunflower Carrier Oil is expected to increase following recent market trends toward organic products.

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