We all need energy to get through the day. Energy is what allows us to do the things we love with ease, and even gives us the motivation to do things that may seem challenging. Daily life and certain lifestyle habits can cause us to feel run down by the afternoon when there is plenty of time left in the day and still so much to do. If you get adequate rest, exercise during the day, eat a nutritious diet and are still in need of a midday pick-me-up, consider turning to aromatherapy to brighten your spirits. While essential oils are commonly known to exhibit soothing effects, their potent chemical properties can invigorate the senses, improve your mood, awaken your mind, and provide your body with natural energy without jitters or eventual crash. Read on to discover energy-boosting essential oils, and how to best use them to achieve lasting natural energy.




Feelings of fatigue, lethargy, or lack of energy are normal on occasion. With the demands of careers, family, social circles, and everyday life, you're bound to feel the call to slow down every so often. Lifestyle choices such as poor sleep hygiene, shift work, and jet lag can also contribute to days of experiencing low energy. Symptoms of fatigue include:

  • Tiredness or sleepiness
  • Muscle weakness or soreness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced responses and reflexes
  • Difficulty making decisions or judgements
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks
  • Irritability or moodiness

Mildly experiencing the above symptoms is expected after a night of poor sleep or an early morning. However, if these symptoms persist or do not improve with adequate rest, proper nutrition, and regular exercise, it is important for you to see your doctor so that they can help you detect or rule out any underlying health issues.




For occasional instances of midday sluggishness, aromatherapy and other natural alternatives can provide the surge of energy you need to power through the rest of your day. Sure, you could supply yourself with another cup of coffee. However, forming this habit could lead to a dependence on caffeine, as well as cause jitters and throw cortisol levels out of balance. Consuming too much caffeine throughout the day may also disrupt your sleep at night, since it can take up to 10 hours for caffeine to be completely cleared from the body.

With their potent chemical properties, essential oils can support health and wellness in a variety of lifestyles. While many of them are associated with promoting relaxation, energizing essential oils can promote alertness, alleviate grogginess, and revitalize the mind and body as well as exhibit calming properties. Aromatherapy can help balance the nervous system as a reset before inviting new energy into the body. These natural energy boosters are a more sustainable way to get a much-needed pick-me-up that will last through the day without disrupting your eventual wind-down routine and sleep.





Peppermint Essential Oil – Constituents Menthol and Menthone are responsible for Peppermint's stimulating, invigorating, and naturally energizing properties. Its sharp and cooling aroma is reputed to relax the body and recentre the mind, which can soothe overactive senses during stressful times. Due to its stimulant properties, daily use of Peppermint Essential Oil can potentially interfere with sleep patterns, so use this oil with caution.



Lemon Essential Oil – Known as "Liquid Sunshine", this zesty citrus oil is the star of the show in energizing essential oil blends. Lemon's bold citrus notes are balanced by sweet fruity tones that clears the mind, improves the mood, and enhances overall energy and focus. Perfect for supporting your energy levels on a gloomy winter day.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil – For a pep in your step, catch a whiff of this brilliant citrus oil that's reminiscent of fresh and juicy oranges. Extracted from the fruit peel, Sweet Orange possesses an uplifting quality that can inspire motivation, positivity, and mental clarity.

Lime Essential Oil – Zesty and subtly tropical, Lime Essential Oil will awaken your senses amid an afternoon slump. Its fresh and summery aroma has an uplifting and invigorating effect on the mind, which can help reinvigorate productivity and creativity if you are feeling stuck on certain tasks.

Bergamot Essential Oil - The bergamot fruit is described as a cross between a grapefruit and an orange, while assuming the shape of a pear. Used in an array of aromatic purposes, Bergamot's aroma is stimulating while still being soothing, making it ideal for use during busy days. Its citrusy, fruity, and subtly sweet scent is balanced by a warm spicy floral, making it an excellent natural energy boosting essential oil.



Ginger Root Essential Oil - Fresh - This invigorating and warming spice oil is nicknamed "The Oil of Empowerment" because it is believed to inspire confidence. Ginger Root Oil's spicy aroma is naturally energizing, alleviating lethargy, dizziness, and fatigue while enhancing concentration. Ginger Root also possesses soothing properties that can help manage feelings of stress and anxiety, making it an excellent energizing essential oil.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – Known for its sweet, woody, and spicy scent, this popular spice oil is reputed to act as a mood enhancer. Cinnamon Bark Oil exhibits soothing properties while enhancing mood, improving focus, and increasing natural energy. Cinnamon Bark also pairs beautifully with citrus oils for a bold and stimulating energy enhancing blend.



Rosemary Essential Oil – Classically high in Cineole, Rosemary Oil possesses a strong, woody, and herbal scent and is considered a potent natural energy booster. For busy workdays and completing tedious tasks, Rosemary Oil comes in handy because it is reputed to promote concentration and focus, while alleviating fatigue and regulating stress.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – This bold and stimulating oil is a versatile oil for both topical and aromatic purposes. Eucalyptus' camphoraceous and fresh aroma is reputed to awaken the mind as well as exhibit soothing properties, providing a natural energy kick without the unwanted jitters or crash. Eucalyptus is also believed to encourage deeper breathing when used aromatically, which will enhance alertness and concentration.




Energizing essential oils can be used in a variety of ways to support your energy levels naturally throughout the day. If you have difficulty waking up in the morning, take a few moments to centre yourself after you step out of bed. Instead of jumping right into the hectic energy of the morning, find a place where you won't be disturbed for about five minutes. Sit with your spine straight, practice some deep breathing, and have your choice of energizing essential oil on hand. You can diffuse the oil or place a few drops on a scent strip or cotton ball so you can reap the mental and emotional benefits before starting your day.

Throughout your workday, you may find it helpful to keep your essential oil of choice at your desk or in your pocket so you can take a whiff whenever you need. You can also carry a personal inhaler if you wish to blend more than one scent.

For symptoms of physical fatigue, topical application of essential oils can help restore areas of the body that are affected by soreness while also working to revitalize your state of mind. Blend your choice of energizing essential oil with a carrier oil (such as Jojoba or Argan) and massage it into your neck, shoulders, or wherever you are experiencing tension throughout the day.

If your schedule does not slow down after you walk through the door at the end of the workday, a rejuvenating foot soak can lift your spirits with the natural energy you need to finish the day off strong. Simply fill your bathtub or small plastic bin with warm water and apply 3-5 drops of your chosen essential oil or blend. Be sure to add a dispersant since oil and water do not mix.




All New Directions Aromatics Essential Oils are for external use only. They should not be ingested and should not be stored within the reach of children, in case of accidental ingestion. As with essential and carrier oils, a patch test should be conducted on the inner arm or another generally insensitive area of skin, using a dime-size amount of the specified oil to check for sensitivities. An absence of an allergic response within 48 hours suggests that the oil is safe to use.

The topical application of most carrier oils is generally known to be safe with responsible use, but irritations, allergies, rashes, and other side effects are possible. In the chance of an allergic reaction, discontinue use of the product and see a doctor, pharmacist, or allergist immediately for a health assessment and appropriate remedial action. To prevent side effects, consult with a medical professional prior to use.

Essential or carrier oils must never be used near the eyes, inner nose, and ears, or on any other particularly sensitive areas of skin.

IMPORTANT: All New Directions Aromatics (NDA) products are for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. Please refer to our policies for further details, and our disclaimer below.

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