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Choose from a range of Ylang Ylang Oils based on their potency. Our Ylang Ylang #1 is the most potent and is perfect for use in Aromatherapy and in Perfumery. Our Ylang Ylang #2 is slightly milder and can be used in personal care products and, the mildest of all, Ylang Ylang #3 is suitable for use in soap making and candle making crafts. 

Ylang Ylang is most known for its captivating and exotic floral bouquet. Th collection of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is done by a process called fractional distillation, which produces the grades Extra, I, II and III. These grades vary in scent and composition. Ylang Ylang is used largely in aromatherapy and in scenting personal body products, bath products and candles (with exception of Ylang Ylang Extra grade, which is mainly used in perfumery). Diffusing Ylang Ylang Oil in the environment helps to uplift the mood while acting as an aphrodisiac. Ylang Ylang helps to balance the oiliness of the skin and is suitable to use on acne-prone skin. It is noted for its natural ability to help relax, promote tranquility, and create a sense of calm. It is also believed to have antioxidant properties and helps to protect the skin's moisture barrier, and reduce the signs of aging. It is also used to revitalize the hair. Many body care products are formulated using Ylang Ylang and are advertised for its ability to provide rejuvenated look to the skin.

How to Choose Your Ylang Ylang Oil

The various grades of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil will typically have different potencies when it comes to scent. Fractional distillation is usually done in a time-dependent manner where a number of hours elapse between collections of the different grades. The extraction of Ylang Ylang #1 will have a more potent scent, Ylang Ylang #2 will be slightly less potent and the Ylang Ylang #3 will be the mildest. The main constituents present in the grades will also influence the overall scent of the Ylang Ylang Oil.  

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Varieties

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  • Botanical Name: Cananga odorata
    Country of Origin: Madagascar
    Processing Method: Steam Distilled

    Main Constituents:
    α-farnesene: ~24.5%
    Benzyl Benzoate:~ 5.8%

    Ylang Ylang #3 is a base note that has a sweet scent that is deeper and more sensual than Ylang Ylang #1 and #2. The composition of this grade is makes it well suited for skin care products.


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Caution: Refer to safety guidelines for diluting Ylang Ylang Essential Oil as it may cause reactions and sensitivities. It should be well diluted and may not be suitable for those with low blood pressure as this oil is hypotensive and sedative. Essential oils have different dermal maximums and recommended usage levels. It is important to consult safety manuals and  a Certified Aromatherapist for appropriate dilution guidelines, specific to the essential oil in question. A patch test is also always recommended before use. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid this oil.
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